Gusto provides contract documentation and oversees site inspections.


Gusto Property Solutions is highly experienced Clerk of Works and has been responsible for delivering some world class and award winning buildings. We are extremely proud of our partnership with Wintec in delivering the City Hub, A-block, Wintec Wharenui, R-block, Wintec House and the Atrium, Rotokauri Hub and Wintec Trades and Engineering buildings to name a few.

The Role of Clerk of Works also known as Site Inspectors, Site Supervisors or Building Quality Officers, monitor the work of companies that carry out contracts for their employer or Client. The Clerk of Works role/ responsibility are to make sure that work is carried out to the Clients standards, specifications and schedule. In most cases, the specifications are prepared by architects or engineers employed by the Client. The Clerk of Works makes sure that the correct materials and workmanship is used and that the Client is given quality work and value for money.

Clerks of Works are either on site all the time or make regular visits. They need to be vigilant in their inspections of a large range of technical aspects of the work. This involves:
  • Becoming familiar with all relevant drawings and written instructions, checking them, and using them as a reference when inspecting the work.
  • Making visual inspections.
  • Taking measurements and samples on site to make sure that the work and the materials meet the specifications and quality standards.
  • Being familiar with legal requirements and checking that the work complies with them.
  • Having a working knowledge of health and safety legislation and bring any shortfalls observed to the attention of the persons concerned.
  • Progress and any delays.
  • Details of any significant events including any serious deficiencies in, health and safety , workmanship, quality or materials.
  • Defecting and snagging.
  • Handover of all warranty guarantee certificates and facilitating training for operation and maintenance items through the defects/ liability periods.

Clerks of Works are not only inspectors but also superintendents. This means that they can advise the Contractor and Client about certain aspects of the work, particularly if something has gone wrong.

They keep detailed records of various aspects of the work, which they put together in regular reports for the architect or Project Manager and the Client.

Gusto Property Solutions liaise closely with the Contractor’s staff. We must, however maintain our independence, as we are responsible for working in the best interests of our employer or Client: Gusto Property Solutions has proven ability in being persuasive and diplomatic while remaining independent and have good judgement based on experience to decide when to insist on corrections, when to persuade or negotiate, and when to compromise. Gusto has a wide and thorough understanding of the building industry based on experience, including knowledge of materials, trades, methods and legal requirements and we pride ourselves on attention to detail.

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