Gusto Property Solutions | Gusto Property Solutions
With over 30 years of industry experience, Gusto Property Solutions is industry-assessed to ensure property inspections that are competent, knowledgeable and compliant with the New Zealand Standard.
project management, meth testing, house inspections
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Are you thinking of buying, selling,
building or renovating a house?

Do you want peace of mind knowing its
true condition or expert independent
building advice and inspections?


You need Gusto Property Solutions.


Click the icons to find out more about each service.

project management

Residential and commercial property for new homes, renovations, additions/alterations and maintenance

house inspections

Pre-sale, pre-purchase, invasive inspections, maintenance/condition inspections and comprehensive reports

clerk of works

Residential and commercial property: be informed and build with confidence

meth testing

Surface sampling and screening onsite for methamphetamine contamination, laboratory confirmation and quantification, reporting and documentation

building surveyor

Residential and commercial property, condition grading, life cycling and maintenance planning

Steve is an individual with exceptional people skills and the ability to manage teams to reach and exceed set goals and targets which are imposed on him by the client.


Gusto Property Solutions has partnered with many valued clients over the years.

They are very proud of the enthusiasm they bring to their work, backed by qualified building experience and the technical construction knowledge to deliver outstanding inspection services, project management and clerk of works roles and responsibilities.

Gusto Property Solutions is focused on providing a professional, personalised, quality service to their clients. They pride themselves on old fashioned ethics and values, while maintaining confidentiality and respect at all times.

Gusto is passionate about their clients and their property interests, and Gusto’s mission is to deliver comprehensive, compliant information. You can be confident in trusting them with any project or service you require.

With over 30 years of industry experience and accreditation with the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ), Gusto Property Solutions is industry-assessed to ensure property inspections are competent, knowledgeable and compliant with the New Zealand Standard.

Call 027 766 7997 or 07 855 8841 or email today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Gusto Property Solutions carries Professional Indemnity insurance and public liability insurance, so you can buy, sell, and build with confidence.

His tendering was honest, contained much detail and afforded a competitive edge in the market place. His workmanship was of the highest standard and his honesty was refreshing.



Steve Hutton
Gusto Director, Principal Building Surveyor

Gusto’s Principal Building Surveyor, Steve Hutton is an advanced trade-qualified builder with over 30 years of business experience in both commercial and residential building. BOINZ accredited, Steve is focused on setting and maintaining the highest standards within the building industry and residential house inspections by delivering quality information and reports that are compliant. He has also attained certification and is qualified to carry out methamphetamine testing and has successfully completed industry training in themography to stage three: infrared(IR) theory and IR camera operation.

Vicki Hutton
Gusto Director, Principal for Policy and Procedures for Reporting Systems

Vicki Hutton is the principal specialising in providing quality building reports and systems, organising and making sure that Gusto has the most up-to-date information. She ensures all systems are robust and compliant with any and all relevant NZ standards, and that clients are informed every step of the way.

… I have known Steve Hutton of Gusto Property Solutions Ltd, for the past 10 years. Steve has a sound knowledge of all building and sub trade practices. He maintains a high standard and represents his client’s interests thoroughly and responsibly.