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“… I have known Steve Hutton of Gusto Property Solutions Ltd, for the past 10 years. Steve has a sound knowledge of all building and sub trade practices. He maintains a high standard and represents his client’s interests thoroughly and responsibly.”

Aaron Haddock Managing Director, Aesthetics Architecture

22 September 2006

“It is without hesitation that I agreed to provide this reference to recommend Steve Hutton and Gusto Property Solutions who have provided Waikato Institute of Technology “Wintec” with Project Management and Clerk of Works services on numerous projects and business as usual functions over the last eight years.

Steve has formed a key part of our Campus Developments and Facilities Management team over that period, always there to get what needs done sorted. On the larger capital projects Steve has brought a unique set of skills and experiences to our projects, and has contributed through the design and construction in a way which has significantly improved the end result.

In the Facilities and Assets Management field Steve has provided us with expert assessment and planning work, great insight to our risk management process, and through his extensive network a link to the right people in the industry to solve our issues.

Throughout the period in which I have had the pleasure of working with Steve his commitment to positive outcomes and the passion he brings to his work has been an inspiration. Steve clearly understands our business, is passionate about advocating for his client’s best interests, and has added value to every area he’s been involved in. I wish Steve and Gusto Property Solutions the best, and am confident that others will find his service of immense value.”

Graeme Ward Director, Infrastructure & Assets, Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec)

12 May 2015

“He works in a very tidy, efficient and tradesman-like manner, with quality of work maintained at a high standard, being considerate with all Occupational, Safety and Health procedures, and coordinating sub-contractors to work in a similar manner.

Steve is a reliable, efficient and pleasant person to deal with and we have enjoyed his professionalism and expertise.”

John Gosnell Manager: Building and Transport, Avalon Campus

6 June 2002

“Steve Hutton was employed by Service Resources Ltd (SRL) on the 11 May 2015 as a Project Manager for the Enable New Zealand contract Waikato Lakes. During Steve’s employment with SRL he has proven to be a trust worthy competent, self-motivated and valuable member of the management team.

Steve is an individual with exceptional people skills and has the ability to manage teams to reach and exceed set goals and targets which are imposed on him by the client. He has shown uncompromising support to the business throughout his employment with SRL and we will miss his ability to mould a team with his good humour and leadership.

Steve reported directly to the National Manager of our Enable New Zealand contract and was hands on at its inception in the Waikato. Steve has exceptional customer skills and it was unfortunate SRL didn’t use them to its fullest potential.

When asked by other employers “would you hire him again” the answer is yes without hesitation.”

Glenn Donaldson Chief Executive Officer, Service Resources Limited

22 February 2017

“While working in my school, I observed many qualities that Steve possessed. His tendering was honest, contained much detail and afforded a competitive edge in the market place. His workmanship was of the highest standard and his open honesty was refreshing…

I can attest to Steve’s honesty as a professional and assure you that given his experience he is very well suited to the position he now undertakes. He is open and communicates well with the public. He is well planned and ensures all his work is always of a very high quality. He sets goals and has a sense of purpose in all his work activities.”

Russ Young Principal, Silverdale Normal School

24 October 2006

“Steve is someone I thoroughly enjoy working with. As well as being an excellent Project Manager, the enthusiasm for the projects he takes on is infectious. Allied to this he has a common sense, realistic approach to matters and a good, broad technical knowledge which he no doubt gained from his many years managing his own construction company.

Steve’s help to me over the past few months on key projects has been invaluable. He is hugely respected by me and my colleagues and I hope there are many more occasions in future to work with him.”

Trevor Martin Facilities Manager, Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec)

10 November 2008

“Gusto Property Solutions have a track record of highly competent commercial and residential accomplishments spanning in excess of 20 years – 11 of which include holding the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) light commercial development and maintenance contracts. Over that time, Steve has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of responsible and ethical work practices, resulting in excellent workmanship and quality building and construction outcomes.

The various roles Steve has discharged span design and build services; project management; planning and consent management; maintenance planning and implementation; quoting; estimating and fund management; quality assurance; client representation and conflict resolution; and staff supervision, mentoring and training. At all times Steve has lead by example, developing, nurturing and maintaining productive and sustainable relationships with stakeholder and clients at all levels.

As a well-qualified Certified Builder, Steve is respected for not only his sound understanding of building and construction practices, including the sub-trades, but equally for his unstintingly high standards. Perhaps most importantly, he is noted for the integrity with which he discharges his roles and for his manner in interacting with others in the course of his work. An excellent communicator focused on positive outcomes, the most compelling support I can provide is to highlight the fact that having demonstrated the sort of behaviour and workmanship I consider appropriate for a practicing professional, Steve has subsequently been given responsibility for overseeing all my private work. Sufficient to say this has in one instance provided some significant challenges, which with Steve’s leadership I am happy to say were resolved in a most satisfactory way.”

Graeme Thomas Deputy Project Director, Wintec Campus Developments

20 October 2006

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