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Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will make. Safeguard your investment by having your property tested for methamphetamine (meth) before you buy or throughout tenancy for your investment property.

Meth manufacturers and drug users contaminate houses with dangerous toxins and chemicals that attach themselves to most surfaces. With many homes, it will not be immediately apparent that meth has been either smoked or cooked inside. A simple test can put your mind at ease.

Gusto Property Solutions carries out three types of testing:

• Presumptive Testing – This is a pre-calibrated cassette test, designed specifically for providing a quick positive or negative result.

The positive threshold is set to 1.5ug/100cm2 levels, as determined by NZS 8510:2017. Presumptive tests do not determine the exact level of meth present; they simply tell if it is there. Presumptive testing typically includes 5 samples taken and includes a comprehensive report. A more comprehensive laboratory analysis is recommended if the test is positive.

• Lab Composite Analysis – This allows for multiple samples to be initially screened as a group to determine whether there is evidence of meth being present. It also allows for the individual samples to be retained and tested in the event of a positive result.

Test typically includes 5 samples taken and includes a comprehensive report. The typical turnaround for lab results are 2-3 days, unless urgency is required. Urgent turnaround is an additional cost, as is retesting after decontamination has taken place, should the property test positive for meth contamination.

• Individual Sample Analysis – This approach provides individual test results for locations in a property.

Because individual samples have already been taken from the property there is no need for a retest. If the original samples are less than 30 days old, the lab can analyse these samples as individual tests to determine what location exceeds the NZS 8510:2017. Once the contaminated areas are established, they can be targeted for clean up, potentially reducing decontamination costs. All testing, sampling and reporting is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant NZS 8510:2017 New Zealand Standard for Testing and Decontamination Of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties and NIOSH 9111. Copies of these standards are kept in Gusto offices, should you want to review and discuss. Please Note: Gusto Property Solutions does not carry out the decontamination process, ensuring that this service is truly independent and in your best interests.

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